Paint Stick Wooden Vase DIY

Make these 12" tall, 6" wide wooden vases for only about $4.40 each or less.

A very simple and inexpensive DIY project that could be used for home or wedding decor.

Here's what you'll need to gather:

  • Wood Paint Sticks
  • One 6" Dia. Embroidery Hoop Set (or whichever size you prefer)
  • Wood Glue or Hot Glue Gun
  • Spray Paint or Wood Stain (Choose according to desired style)

The photos in this article are only for inspiration. Step by step instructions are below.

Step One:

Decide on paint or stain. If you are planning to stain your paint sticks it is A LOT EASIER to stain them before you assemble your vase. If you are planning to spray paint your vase you can make that your last step.

Step Two:

Attach paint sticks to the bottom of the trash can. Use a hot glue gun to adhere your paint sticks around the inside of the embroidery hoop, one by one.


I used an exacto knife to trim a little bit of width off one of the paint sticks at the bottom so they would fit nicely inside the hoop but you can space them however you would like. Plan the number of sticks and spacing before you begin gluing.

Step Three:

Glue paint sticks to the top of the trash can. Slide the larger of the two embroidery hoops around the outside of the vase then add a small squirt of hot glue to each slat between the slat and the embroidery hoop.


I didn't put a bottom piece on my vase because I wanted to be able to slide a water proof container or floral foam inside easily.

Step Four:

Paint Your Vase. Metallic, white, black, hot pink... go ahead spray away!

All Finished!

Simple Wedding Decor DIY

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