Cotton Bud Qtip Sticks for Salons, Crafts and Home Use -3" Bamboo
Cotton Swab Sticks

Cotton Bud Qtip Sticks for Salons, Crafts and Home Use -3" Bamboo

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Wooden Cotton Swabs Biodegradable Double Tipped Bamboo Cotton Buds

LENGTH: 2.9" Inches

Cotton swabs are essential for daily cleaning and makeup. Our cotton swabs are made of 100% original cotton. Cotton swabs sticks are natural and environmentally friendly. Double-head cotton swabs have a wide variety of uses. Apply nail polish, lipstick or lip gloss, eye liner, clean the ear canal, groom eyebrows, clean up wounds, polish jewelry, create beautiful dot art patterns.

  • Ships same day or next day. Friendly, no-hassle customer service.
  • 2.9" cotton tipped buds with bamboo handle.
  • Organic soft cotton tips make them safe for use.
  • Material: new and top quality cotton tipped, bamboo handle which is more sturdy than paper.
  • Use these cotton swabs in a wide variety of applications. Remove makeup, apply creams, take care of injuries and wounds or even create dot art patterns and arts and crafts.

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